Optimise processes, accelerate delivery, and improve software quality with CiCloud DevOps as a Service (DevOps-aaS). Leverage our expertise in DevOps to define, execute and manage your Cloud transformation. 

Faster deployment time, better quality and lower costs

CiCloud DevOps-aaS is a computing service model that allows the easy deployment of DevOps environments in a scalable fully managed way for Developers and IT Management. 

Put simply, our solution allows users to deploy complex environments using very little technical knowledge and time. Many time consuming tasks that used to require highly-trained IT admins and DevOps specialists can now be done in a few clicks.


Why Ci Cloud DevOps as a Service?

Our specialists have extensive experience across a huge array of sectors, technology stacks, programmes and projects of any size. We can offer short, medium and long term support on your digital transformation journey. CiCloud DevOps-aaS can supplement your existing team, implement an improvement roadmap, or establish a pipeline solution for a new product, and everything in-between.

Quick Deployments

Our DevOps-aaS is very easy to use and supports many third-part integrations, enabling you to deploy complex environments quickly and easily.

Be Strategic

Reduce the effort and costs of IT infrastructure management and focus on your business.

Zero Code Change

Deploy and run traditional monolithic applications and cloud-native microservices with no code changes and zero application redesign. Deploy via archives, FTPS/SFTP, GIT/SVN or via integrated plugins.

Application-based Resource Management

Deploy the application and then decide how many servers to support the application.


The integrations are comprehensive and very elegantly organised. You can select them from the clean marketplace panel or deploy using familiar tools.

Simple Billing

You only pay for what you need and use.


Talk to a DevOps-aaS expert

Get in touch to learn how you can leverage the best in cloud technologies, DevOps practices, and CiCloud’s unique capabilities to facilitate new and more efficient ways of doing business.