Desktop as a service (DaaS) delivers a virtualised desktop experience to users, entirely from the cloud. This
enables customers to take advantage of a simplified financial forecasting model, with fixed, per-user monthly
billing – avoiding the unpredictable costs of desktop maintenance and management.

CiCloud DaaS solution allows customers to access high performance, hosted desktops from any device, any
location and over any network – including low bandwidth sites. These desktops are maintained continuously,
with all relevant patches and updates applied to ensure customers have control of their business data and
security across their users’ desktops.

The Centerprise DaaS solution delivered from our CiCloud platform is true Public Cloud that can be scaled up
or down directly in line with customer needs. DaaS can be purchased via Purchase Orders, predefined upfront
payments, or through credit cards, all with simple, transparent and predictable billing; you only pay for what
you need and use.

Key Features:

  • CiCloud is hosted in the Crown Hosting Datacentre that will be familiar to the public sector and eliminates
    concerns about data sovereignty.
  • Desktops can be delivered at varying specifications depending on user requirements.
  • Billing is simple, transparent and predictable, with no hidden costs. This makes it easier for public sector
    organisations to budget and procure.
  • CiCloud DaaS delivers all of the benefits of a virtual desktop deployment, without the need to maintain and
    manage costly infrastructure.
  • DaaS enables total flexibility over the device you use to access your desktop environment. This significantly
    reduces the costs associated with endpoints, extends the usability of existing hardware, enables a reduction
    in energy use and associated carbon impact by using thin clients or “dumb terminals”

Why CiCloud DaaS?

There is no set desktop sizing, offering users full control over their environment, ensuring they only consume what they need.

Enables users to access resources in a consistent way, from any device and any location.

Delivers simplified, transparent, and predictable billing.

Centerprise Account Management is a person, not a faceless portal.


DaaS is highly accessible throughout an organization and can be used by anyone who needs it.

Applications can range from being the delivery medium of choice across an entire enterprise, through to
single-person use case desktop environment, and more. High versatility with no major infrastructure,
makes DaaS extremely valuable across many areas of work and job types with the flexibility to be used
with software delivered as-a-Service and not whatever the case may be.

CiCloud Desktop as-a-Service delivers a virtual desktop experience from a cloud environment, hosting
all necessary resources for virtual desktops fully managed on our infrastructure, providing a cloud admin
console to manage virtual desktops, access, and security.

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