Centerprise developed a Public Cloud service which allows users to create Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) virtual
desktop workloads, that look and feel the same as those built and managed in users own datacentres today.
These workloads can be scaled up and down in line with business needs or in the event of a disaster. This
efficient fixed and predictable cost model removes infrastructure costs not being utilised.

Virtual desktops on CiCloud can be based on Citrix, VMWare, Microsoft, or another solution. We simply extend
the tools and solutions you use to provide additional resources from our CiCloud platform as required.

“Extend” DaaS payment options are: Purchase via Purchase Orders, predefined upfront payment plan, or by
credit card. All options provide transparent predictable billing that means you only pay for what you need.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • CiCloud is hosted in the Crown Hosting Datacentre which is familiar to the public sector and eliminates
    concerns around data sovereignty.
  • Existing familiar tools can be used with CiCloud in the same way they are used for on-premise platforms
    today. No up-skilling required.
  • Billing is simple, transparent and predictable, with no hidden costs. This simplifies public sector
    organisations budgeting and procurement.
  • The desktop solutions available include Citrix, VMWare and Microsoft.
  • CiCloud Extend DaaS solution delivers the benefits of a virtual desktop deployment without the need to
    maintain and manage a costly infrastructure.

Why CiCloud Extended DaaS?

Hosted in the Crown Hosting DC so no issues around data sovereignty.

Simple, predictable, cost per desktop user, with no variable costs for implementation, management or upgrades and updates.

CiCloud Extend DaaS enables users to provision resources they are familiar with - no upskilling is required.

Delivers simplified, transparent, and predictable billing.

Centerprise Account Management is a person, not a faceless portal.


Customers currently need to provision infrastructure to cover peak loads. CiCloud Extended DaaS allows
users to scale up and down in line with peaks and troughs in usage, driving greater efficiencies by only
paying for resources when in use.

Customers need predictable, scalable cost models for budgetary forecasting. Extend DaaS offers this in a
clear and measurable way.

Customers are looking to move away from costly, big bang style infrastructure upgrades and updates, in
favour of consistent, ongoing operational expenditure.

Customers are looking to free up internal resources, allowing them to focus on development and
innovation rather than “keeping the lights on”.

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