Solve complex IT challenges and support long-term business growth with CiCloud Cloud Services. Centerprise International has a Everything as a Service portfolio to help drive your business forward.

Centerprise International has a developed portfolio created to provide our customers with Everything as a Service.

CiCloud sits at the centre of this portfolio offering IaaS, BUaaS, DRaaS and PaaS. CiCloud resources can be consumed at a truly granular level, ensuring customers only configure and pay for what they truly need. Your application and data are hosted exclusively within the UK, guaranteeing data sovereignty, security, connection speed and performance. You will have 24/7 access to industry-leading support, which can be tailored to the needs of your business.


Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS that can be scaled up and scaled down in seconds as your needs change. All with simple, transparent and predictable billing, so you only pay for what you use. LEARN MORE

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Back up your data and IT infrastructure to CiCloud and use our DR orchestration to regain immediate access and functionality to your IT infrastructure after a disaster.LEARN MORE

Backup as a Service

For decades, Centerprise has delivered backup solutions. Now, CiCloud platform allows repeatable, best practice, cost effective BaaS solutions, from Cloud repositories for customers chosen Backup ISV, through to fully managed Backup solutions for large enterprises with multi Terabyte requirements. LEARN MORE

Custom Cloud

The CiCloud team have years of combined experience in delivering solutions to a wide range of clients across Public and Private sectors. Talk to us today to understand how we can help you drive your desired business outcomes leveraging CiCloud.TALK TO A SPECIALIST

Platform as a Service

PaaS is a CiCloud computing service model that is based on open standards architecture, which means no vendor lock-in – users can off-board their applications and data as easily as they can on-board. CiCloud PaaS offers freedom of choice over the type and version of operating system and database saving you time and money. LEARN MORE